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Valley Pack is one of Victoria's leading providers of Export Services.

Container Logistics

Providing Export Logistics services taking Australian growers and exporters to the world.
Cold Storage
There are 32 Chiller rooms at Valley Pack, providing a total of over 45,000m³ of controlled atmosphere storage.
Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere
Australia’s first facility to have Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere storage allowing apples and pears to be stored without the use of DPA dip.
Chiller rooms
0 km³
Cold storage
Freezer rooms
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Every 24h
to Valley Pack

Valley Pack provides Cold Storage, Freight and International Logistics Services to producers of perishable commodities.   Our well maintained fleet of vehicles deliver containerised goods to The Port of Melbourne on a daily basis, as well as sidelifter and container management services.  

We specialise in Cold Storage and have Cold Storage facilities available for various commodities, including fresh fruit and frozen dairy products. 

Our fleet of trucks travel throughout the day into and out of the The Port of Melbourne area to match the requirements of our clients, and also match the arrivals and departures of vessels. Our vehicles are fitted with GPS telemetry units to enable monitoring of your freight and the vehicle performance. All our drivers have Maritime Security Identification Card.

Our office team can help with your export or import documentation requirements. Our freight team can collect or deliver product to your door.

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