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Freight Forwarding

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Valley Pack Pty Ltd, provides International Freight Forwarding for its customers’ products, to its final distribution.

Valley Pack provides logistical expertise, within the transport and shipping network. As an international freight forwarder, we manage international shipments and prepare documentation to ensure your product gets there safe and sound.

We have a number of full time Authorised Officers, trained by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Our Authorised Officer’s provide phytosanitary inspections of all horticultural produce, onshore cold treatment, in-transit cold treatment, fumigation and complete the necessary paperwork required by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for you to export your goods.

All vehicles have on-board telemetry systems that monitor where our trucks are at all times, you can be assured that your load is safe with our qualified team of drivers


and sterilisation services

Cold Storage

Valley Pack is Victoria’s leading provider of Export cold storage and sterilisation services for the horticultural export industry in Southern Australia.

There are 15 Pre Cooling Tunnels capable of chilling 425 tonnes of fresh export fruit daily. Our facility operates to meet stringent In Transit Cold Sterilisation protocols, required for export to countries such as Japan, USA, China, New Zealand, Thailand and the Philippines.

Valley Pack is located in the prime growing region of Australia the Goulburn Valley, with easy links to both Griffith or Mildura for various types of fruit, with its easy access to Victorian Container Terminals – Valley Pack is the perfect choice for your transport and export Cold Storage needs.

Valley Pack is widely regarded as the industry leader in export storage.

Import Logistics
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SideLoader Services
We have local sideloader services available.



For Australian Stone Fruit Exporters

Demand for Quality Australian Stone Fruit has grown rapidly over the last decade, this has largely been a result of improved market access to China. Export Protocols for Australian Stone Fruit are in place, however, to protect Importing Countries from pests such as Fruit Fly and Codling Moth. In general phytosanitary treatments for these Pests can include methyl bromide fumigation or cold disinfestation. Importing Countries often mandate that a Phytosanitary Certificate accompanies all exports, while other importing countries require both a Phytosanitary Certificate and an Export Inspection are required in addition to a Phytosanitary disinfestation Treatment.



Valley Pack services start at the Farm Gate and end at the Port or Air-Freight Terminal.

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